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FULL HAND WASH PLUS            $39                  $49                   $59

Our basic hand wash service leaves your vehicle meticulously clean and streak free. Full Hand Wash includes:

  • Full exterior pre-rinse
  • Full exterior hand wash
  • Wheels & rims cleaned
  • Tires dressed
GEM GLOSS WAX & DETAILING            $99                $119                 $139

Our signature Gem Gloss Wax treatment protects your vehicle against harsh elements – restoring the finish to its original lustrous shine. The wax penetrates deep into the paint surface reviving the dull finish caused by oxidation – leaving your vehicle’s finish protected and beautifully restored.

GEM COAT PAINT PROTECTION           $139                $159                 $179

Gem Coat Paint Protection leaves your car looking newer. Our specially formulated sealant virtually
guarantees a long lasting shine and extra durable protection. Your vehicle’s finish is protected against premature fading, natures’s harsh elements and acid rain.

PAINT CORRECTION          $399                 $449                 $499

This highly specialized process revitalizes and beautifies your vehicle’s finish by removing surface oxidation, swirl marks and light-to-medium scratches and abrasions. Our custom formulated compound is applied to your vehicle’s surface and high-speed polishers along with the experienced “touch” of our master detailers takes care of the rest.

ENGINE SHAMPOO           $79                   $89                    $99

A clean engine helps promote enhanced performance. Dirt, grease and grime are cleaned away and the entire
engine compartment is restored to that “new engine” look. Our Engine Shampoo service includes:

  • Engine & compartment pre-rinse
  • Customized cleaning treatment
  • <

  • Customized degreasing treatment
  • Engine & compartment dressing applied.
HEADLIGHT RESTORATION           $69                   $69                    $79

headlight restoration will refinish aged headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull due to oxidation and other environmental factors. this process is much less expensive than replacing the lens. Visibility at night can be increased by up to 70% once the headlight restoration is completed. Good visibility is a safety factor.