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FULL HAND WASH PLUS            $29                  $39                   $49

Our basic hand wash service leaves your vehicle meticulously clean and streak free. Full Hand Wash includes:

  • Full exterior pre-rinse
  • Full exterior hand wash
  • Wheels & rims cleaned
  • Tires dressed
GEM GLOSS WAX & DETAILING            $99                $119                 $139

Our signature Gem Gloss Wax treatment protects your vehicle against harsh elements – restoring the finish to its original lustrous shine. The wax penetrates deep into the paint surface reviving the dull finish caused by oxidation – leaving your vehicle’s finish protected and beautifully restored.

GEM COAT PAINT PROTECTION           $139                $159                 $179

Gem Coat Paint Protection leaves your car looking newer. Our specially formulated sealant virtually
guarantees a long lasting shine and extra durable protection. Your vehicle’s finish is protected against premature fading, natures’s harsh elements and acid rain.

PAINT CORRECTION          $399                 $449                 $499

This highly specialized process revitalizes and beautifies your vehicle’s finish by removing surface oxidation, swirl marks and light-to-medium scratches and abrasions. Our custom formulated compound is applied to your vehicle’s surface and high-speed polishers along with the experienced “touch” of our master detailers takes care of the rest.

ENGINE SHAMPOO           $79                   $89                    $99

A clean engine helps promote enhanced performance. Dirt, grease and grime are cleaned away and the entire
engine compartment is restored to that “new engine” look. Our Engine Shampoo service includes:

  • Engine & compartment pre-rinse
  • Customized cleaning treatment
  • <

  • Customized degreasing treatment
  • Engine & compartment dressing applied.